Swim for it.

Weather Delay

February 20, 2019

SwimRVA will delay opening until 11:00am on Wednesday (2/20) due to possible snow and ice in the weather forecast. Please stay tuned for further updates!

We’re SwimRVA

As long as half of the U.S. population doesn’t know how to swim, as long we remember that obstacles are only a matter of perception, and as long as there are good swimmers with the passion to become better ones, we’ll be here. Making water safety and aquatic fitness accessible and inclusive for all.

Our mission as a non-profit is to elevate aquatics across the Richmond region.

And we do that with programs designed to empower every kind of swimmer, now and for life.


Swimrva4 hours ago
#SwimForIt A new session of PUPS has kicked off!
Continue a physical activity that can last a lifetime.

The Swimrva Hammerheads PUPS Program is the low key, low stress, judgement-free zone you have been looking for.

Get more information here: http://www.swimrichmond.org/programs/hammerheads/clinics/schedule-pricing/
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Please Note: The next Lifeguard Guard Ready prerequisite course is Monday, Feb. 25th! This course must be completed prior to taking the Lifeguard Certification class.

Get the full schedule: https://t.co/840YHi6elT https://t.co/nxnHV1wSYH
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Swim for Safety

Half of the U.S. population does not know how to swim. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children under 14 and is a leading cause of death of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 70% of African- Americans and 66% of youth qualifying for free or reduced lunch do not know how to swim. The startling statistics go on and on. But they don’t have to. With SwimRVA’s water safety and learn-to-swim programs, we’re changing the Richmond region’s relationship with water.

Swim for Health

We help seniors maximize their movement, while minimizing the risk. We help runners increase their stamina while decreasing the impact on their joints. We help people bounce back from injury. And we build cardio capacity, muscle tone, flexibility and the self-confidence that comes from pushing one’s ability in our supportive atmosphere.

Swim for Sport

The more access people have to aquatic facilities and programs, the more confident they become in the water. And the more confident they become, the more advanced they get. And the more advanced and ambitious they are, the more we can build real economic momentum through attracting regional competitions and events to Richmond. Our $7 million annual economic impact goal is just another example of how aquatics improve the community and power our region beyond just the pool.

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