SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge

The SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge is about YOU.  It is about setting goals for the coming year.  No matter if you are a beginning swimmer or just finished crossing the English Channel, this event is YOURS.  At SwimRVA we want you to be healthy, happy and energized to be part of our community.  We believe swimming can be your vehicle to stay healthy active and fit.  The SwimRVA New Year’s Challenge is about setting a goal of how far you can swim.  The format is repeating 100 yard swims on an interval.  The interval is designed so you have time to finish each 100 yard swim, get some rest and then start another.  Past participants have had goals of 3 x 100s up to 100 x 100s.  The measure of success is not how far you swim, but whether you reached YOUR goal and set a NEW GOAL for next year.  We hope the New Year’s Challenge is rejuvenating and centers each and every participant on the SUCCESS they will achieve in and out of the pool in 2019.

DATE:  Monday, December 31, 2018


REGISTRATION:  Starts at 12PM.

There will be a tiered fee structure. $40 if registered by October 31.  At registration you will pick the interval you would like to swim. Instructions will be to pick an interval where you will get between 15-45 seconds rest. So if you can comfortably swim a 100 freestyle in 2:00 you will want to pick an interval around 2:30 depending on how much rest you want on the wall. Interval choices will start at 1:30 and progress as follows: 1:40 1:50 2:00 2:20 2:40 3:00 3:30 4:00.  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR INTERVAL, JUST PICK 4:00 AND WE WILL PLACE YOU ON EVENT DAY.